Your investment:

Safely kept in your personal deposit account.

Ginmon’s partner bank: a strong partner at your side.

Our partner bank

DAB Bank is one of the pioneers of online banking. Right from the first day of Ginmon, DAB Bank has been a reliable partner for our technology platform. With more than 500,000 satisfied customers, our partner has the experience required to administrate the assets of our investors. At the end of 2014, DAB Bank joined BNP Paribas Group – one of the largest European banks.

Safe access.
Only for you.

Your investments are under safe custody at Ginmon’s partner bank, DAB Bank. Cash payments or receipts are exclusively processed via your own reference account. Therefore, neither Ginmon nor any other third parties have access to your money at any time.

You can change the settings you have made in the Ginmon customer center at any time; they are applied exactly as you instruct. Ginmon acts as an intermediary party for you and takes care of any processes. While you remain in full control over your finances, we do the job for you.

Maximum security for long-term investment success.

Segregated account

Your investment is held in a segregated account; therefore it is protected against losses even in the event of an insolvency of Ginmon or our partner bank.

EU deposit protection rules

The money you pay into your settlement account naturally underlies the EU deposit protection rules and therefore is also safe against any default risks.

Ginmon eliminates any hidden risks.

Many investors are unaware of the risks that certain assets imply. Therefore we make sure that our portfolio components comply with the highest security standards. By meeting these stringent requirements these products reduce investment risks significantly compared to similar ones.


Physical replication

With Ginmon, you only invest in physically replicating products, i.e. in funds containing only the shares that the underlying index is composed of. In this way, you avoid swap transactions and unnecessary counterparty risks.

Minimum securities lending

To make additional profits, many fund managers lend securities which are actually owned by the investment fund’s investors to other market participants. As securities lending also has its risks, we keep these activities as limited as possible.

Superior data protection.

To ensure maximum security, we use SSL encryption that fully meets the high banking standards. Our servers are located in Germany where all your data is subject to the highest German data security standards.

German server and
data security

SSL encryption




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