Our ETF selection criteria

Only the best investment vehicles

When selecting investment vehicles, Ginmon takes extra care to minimise the risk for you, the investor, and to work as cost efficiently as possible. The index funds in Ginmon deposits have to meet several criteria. The proprietary Ginmon technology is always scanning the market for new and better products. Therefore, we can adapt your portfolio as needed to offer you an even better service in the future. With Ginmon you make sure that everything is in place for your long-term success in wealth creation.


Physical replication

Ginmon uses only index funds which represent actual company shares by physical replication. In this way you avoid any synthetic derivatives and unnecessary counterparty risks.


High cost efficiency

In selecting the index funds, Ginmon attaches great importance to cost efficiency. This is measured in terms of the total expense ratio (TER) and the tracking error relative to the underlying index.


Minimal securities lending

Fund companies usually lend securities contained in a fund to third parties to earn additional profits for themselves and their customers. We take care that securities lending is as low as possible so that you can avoid default risks.


Maximum diversification

In total, Ginmon covers more than 10,000 companies from about 50 countries in its investment strategy. When selecting individual investment vehicles, the focus is on the highest possible level of diversification.


Simple tax rules

Some investment products can lead to a great deal of complexity in filing your tax return. With Ginmon you don’t use non-distributing investment funds domiciled abroad, so you avoid incurring any additional disclosure requirements in your tax return or even double taxation.


Low spreads

With Ginmon you select investment vehicles with a high liquidity and low spreads. The difference between bid and ask prices usually is less than 0.1 percent. No unexpected trading costs will arise.

Based on these strict criteria, the proprietary apeironselect algorithm constantly monitors the entire universe of index funds, so that it can present you optimisation potentials when necessary.

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